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CMS Make

This is CMS Make, a 'make' workalike for VM/CMS systems.

This is not the first 'make' for VM/CMS. It is intended to support the syntax used by 'make' on other platforms.


CMS Make provides similar function on CMS systems as traditional 'make' provides on POSIX systems. Rules files are visually compatible with standard makefiles, except that the Tab character can be ordinary white space.

This is a really really simple implementation. The purpose is to allow a subset of 'make' functionality which can be used interchangably between CMS and Unix/Linux/POSIX. With care, common rules files can be crafted and. It works.

Several commands which work like their Unix/Linux/POSIX counterparts are included in order to facilitate rules files which work the same between CMS Make and POSIX/Unix 'make'.