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Copyright © 2006, 2016, Richard M. Troth, all rights reserved. <plaintext>  
This software may be freely distributed provided that this notice
and the code itself remain unchanged. The user may make any private
changes needed to accomodate local conventions but may not distribute
said changes if not made available to the author(s) for incorporation
and redistribution. This software is provided AS-IS with NO WARRANTY.
Neither the author(s) nor any relations (employers, supporters,
partners, or dependents) shall be held liable for any damages
resulting from the use of this software.
This software is an original work to the best available knowledge,
inspired by other work but not having copied other work.
Portions of this software were developed on the z/VM system at
Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. This software depends on
other support programs, of which some are freely distributable,
others proprietary and/or licensed.
If you wish to support future development of this software,
or use it in a for-profit distribution, contact the author:
Rick Troth <>