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.cm Date: 2007-Jan-24 (Wednesday)
.cm This file is part of the "CMS Make" package.
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Link/load compiled objects into executable programs.
Note: CMSMKLD is a minimal wrapper for supporting CMS Make and the
Unix-like command syntax typically encountered in 'make' rules files.
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Use 'cmsmkld' to link/load compiled objects from CMS Make.
The syntax is:
| cmsmkld | [-o outputfile] [-c] sourcefile |
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-o outputfile
specify an output file, overriding defaults
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¢|Return Codes:¢%
Return codes from CMSMKLD are set by the underlying support programs.
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See the following related topics:
cms load load and link compiled objects into memory
cms genmod create a runnable MODULE from loaded object(s)
cms cmsmkcc CMSMKCC for compiling C sourced programs
cms cmsmkas CMSMKAS for assembly
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