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.cm Date: 2006-Dec-04 (Monday)
.cm This file is part of the "CMS Make" package.
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CMS Make
Maintain files based on dependencies
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Use 'make' to maintain, update, or re-create files
based on changes or updates to other files they depend on.
The purpose of CMS Make is to act enough like other 'make' programs
that you can use the same rules file(s) on native CMS. (This supports
interaction with, but does not require, OpenVM shell and utilities.)
| make | [-f makefile] [var=val ...] target ... |
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-f makefile
var=val variable assignment (overrides settings in rules files)
A target is something you want made, typicaly a file.
For example, the CMS file "MYPROG MODULE" ultimately depends on
another CMS file "MYPROG ASSEMBLE". The rules file (the makefile)
indicates how they are related and what commands must be issued
to bring MYPROG MODULE up to date when MYPROG ASSEMBLE is changed.
Targets in CMS Make are coded in fn.ft syntax (single token).
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See the following web pages:
See the following related topics:
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oshell make Help with OpenVM Make (POSIX 'make')
cms wget CMS WGET for file transfer
cms curl CMS CURL for file transfer
cms touch TOUCH to change update time on a file
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