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.cm Date: 2006, 2007, and following, inspired by earlier work
.cm distributed with "CMS Make"
.cs 1 on
Put new files or programs or content into place.
.cs 1 off
.cs 2 on
Use 'new' to move new versions of a file or program into place.
The purpose of the NEW EXEC is to retain a backup copy of the original
target file or program rather than simply overwrite it.
| new | sourcefileid targetfileid |
.cs 2 off
.cs 3 on
sourcefileid the new file
targetfileid the old file (to be replaced)
.cs 3 off
.cs 7 on
See the following related topics:
cms copyfile CMS COPYFILE command for overwriting the old file
cms file CMS CREATE FILE command for creating files
.cs 7 off