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.cm Date: 2006-Dec-04
.cm This file is part of the "CMS Make" package.
.cs 1 on
Download contents of a web page or URL-addressed file
.cs 1 off
.cs 2 on
Use 'wget' to read content from the web to CMS.
The purpose of the CMS implementation of 'wget' is to handle
a particular subset of features and options of the POSIX version.
| wget | [-q] [-O FILE] URL |
.cs 2 off
.cs 3 on
-O file
.cs 3 off
.cs 7 on
See the following web pages:
See the following related topics:
cms curl CMS CURL for file transfer
tcpip ftp VM TCP/IP FTP for file transfer
cms make CMS Make
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