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.cm Date: 2016-Apr-24 (Sunday) and prior
.cm This file was originally created from file "TAR -HLPCMS"
.cm using version 1989-09-06 of the UCSF "HELPCONV" command.
.cm Original author of this help file: Sean Starke, then at Rice Univ.
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.cm ¢|TAR EXEC¢%
Use CMS TAR to store many files in an archive file on tape or disk.
CMS TAR can read and write Unix 'tar' archives.
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.cs 2 on
The format of the TAR command is:
| | |
| tar | command [tarfile] [pattern] [(options...] |
| | |
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.cs 3 on
¢|command¢% is one of "c", "x", or "t", optionally with "v"
and "f", "s", or 0..7, signifying:
c : create a new archive
x : extract files from an archive
t : list the files in an archive
("c", "x", and "t" are mutually exclusive)
v : verbose
f : next argument is a disk resident archive
s : next argument is a spool file or remote recipient
01234567 : tape drive number, default is TAP1 (181)
("f", "s", and numerics are mutually exclusive)
¢|compressors¢% is one of "Z", "z", "j", or "J"
Note: compressors are external to CMS TAR.
¢|tarfile¢% is the filename of the disk resident archive, having a filetype
of TAR, if F was specified in the command. This can also be the
spoolid of the file when extracting a spool TAR file, or a target
user@node when creating a spool TAR file.
The recommended filetype is "TAR".
You can override the filetype using Unix/Linux/Windows style
filename.filetype notation, for example:
tar tf thefile.cmstar
¢|pattern¢% specifies what files to tar/untar.
When creating an archive, this pattern must be specified
in the form 'fn ft fm', like when using the LISTFILE command.
In addition to '*' and '%', periods (.) can be used as wilcards
(like in Unix) so that if you specify simply '.' as the pattern,
then all files on your 'A' disk will be archived. (curr directory)
If the pattern omitted, only files specified with the INCLUDE option
will be archived.
If you want to extract only one file, put it's name (exactly as it
appears with the LIST command) here. If this option is omitted,
all files will be extracted from the archive.
.cs 3 off
.cs 4 on
specifies a FILELIST file listing files to be included in an
archive being built. When creating an archive using an INCLUDE file,
the name of each file as it will appear in the archive may follow
fn ft fm in the FILELIST, overriding the standard "fn.ft"
The filetype of an include file is FILELIST and cannot be changed.
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.cs 6 on
¢|Return Codes:¢%
Return codes are set by CMS Pipelines and other support programs.
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.cs 7 on
See the following related topics:
cms tarlist 'tarlist' to browse an archive somewhat like 'rdrlist' or 'filelist'
cms curl a CMS work-alike of the Unix/Linux 'curl' utility
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