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.cm Date: 2016-Apr-24 (Sunday) and prior
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Use the TARLIST command to browse a TAR file similar to FILELIST or RDRLIST.
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The format of the TARLIST command is:
| | |
| TARLIST | tar-file |
| | |
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TARLIST is not well developed.
The task of writing a utility from scratch
that functions like FILELIST proved to be overwhelming.
PF9 and PF11 work as listed, but don't expect anything else.
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The TARLIST command has no options.
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¢|Return Codes:¢%
Return codes are set by CMS Pipelines and other support programs.
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See the following related topics:
cms tar 'tar' to create, extract, or list a TAR-format archive
cms curl a CMS work-alike of the Unix/Linux 'curl' utility
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