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.cm Date: 2016-Apr-24 (Sunday) and prior, originally 1992-Jan-30
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.cm ¢|REXX VMGROUP function¢%
Use the vmgroup() function to get the ACI group of your ID, or
with sufficient privileges, another ID.
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The syntax for the vmgroup() function is:
| |
| mygroup = vmgroup(userid()) |
| |
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¢|example usage:¢%
/* REXX */
Say "My ACI group is" vmgroup(userid())
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REXX function vmgroup() returns the ACI group name for the
virtual machine specified. It must be called as a function,
not as a subroutine, not as a command. If it is invoked from
the CMS command line, an instructional message is displayed.
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Assembler source is maintained at Casita.Net.
Contact the author at <> if you have updates or fixes.
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¢|Return Codes:¢%
Return codes are set by CMS Pipelines and other support programs.
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See the following related topics:
cms tar 'tar' to create, extract, or list a TAR-format archive; uses vmgroup()
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