ADAKTA Yocto support for ADK boards
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ADAKTA Development Kit SDK

Yocto distribution for ADK and ADK6ull

System build Linux kernel, u-boot, rootfs e.t.c.

Software support for NXP i.MX6 series:
System on Module based on NXP iMX6
ADAKTA Development Kit server (AMX6)
ADAKTA Development Kit media (AMX6)
ADAKTA Development Kit miniPC (AMX6)

Software support for NXP i.MX6ULL series:
System on Module based on NXP iMX6ull
ADAKTA Development Kit mx6ull (ADK6ull)

How to use?

  1. Clone

$: git clone
$: cd adk_yocto/
$: git checkout origin/pyro_adk -b pyro_adk
$: MACHINE=adakta-adk DISTRO=fslc-x11 source setup-environment ADK/
For ADK6ull
$: MACHINE=adakta_nano6ull DISTRO=fslc-framebuffer source setup-environment ADK6ull/

  1. Create your distro or compile the demo:

core-image-minimal-xfce (ADK only)
core-image-x11 (ADK only)
For example: $: bitbake core-image-adakta-net

  1. Flash ADK/tmp/deploy/core-image-adakta-net-adakta-adk.sdcard.gz (for ADK) or
    ADK6ull/tmp/deploy/core-image-adakta-net-adakta_nano6ull.sdcard.gz (for ADK6ull) to microSD card

3.1) Windows: You can do it by using usb-image-tools
3.2) Linux: Use dd+gunzip
For ADK $: gunzip -c core-image-adakta-net-adakta-adk.sdcard.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/ bs=4M
For ADK6ull $: gunzip -c core-image-adakta-net-adakta_nano6ull.sdcard.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/ bs=4M