@peterwittek peterwittek released this Mar 29, 2017 · 4 commits to master since this release

  • New: Cylindrical coordinate system can be requested by passing the optional parameter coordinate_system="cylindrical" to the lattice constructor.
  • New: BesselState class.
  • New: Optional Lee-Huang-Yang term in the Hamiltonian.
  • New: Calculate the azimuthal potential in the Hamiltonian.
  • Changed: The function center_coordinates was renamed to map_lattice_to_coordinate_space.
  • Changed: Hybrid kernel removed.
  • Changed: Improved the precision of energy expectation values.
  • Changed: The function get_particle_density no longer depends on the lattice resolution (see issues #161 and #124).
  • Fixed: 1D lattice works for all built-in state classes.
  • Fixed: Different resolution between the x- and y-axes works correctly in the CPU and GPU kernels.