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CentralDispatch is a totally awesome replacement for JSONP. It pushes the
callback matching work to the client, but allows for server side caching of JSON
data. This is a huge benefit if you’re aggressively caching your application.

Client Side Usage

CentralDispatch.requestData(url, callback, options)


param expected type description
url String The url from which you’re fetching data
callback Function or Hash A function that will be called when the data is received, or a hash described below

Options Hash:
| key | expected type | description |
| onSuccess | Function | A function to be called when the data is received |
| onError | Function | A function to be called if there is an error fetching the data |


var callback = function (data) {
CentralDispatch.requestData('', callback)

var errorCallback = function (msg, url, line) {
    alert("error: " + msg);

Server Side Usage

On the server, all JSON data must be wrapped in CentralDispatch.receiveData,
which is described below.

CentralDispatch.receiveData(version, url, data)


param expected type description
version String The version of CentralDispatch.receiveData you’re using, currently only v1
url String The url where the data resides, can be a path fragment
data JSON The JSON data


CentralDispatch.receiveData('v1', '', {foo: bar});
CentralDispatch.receiveData('v1', 'examples/cdData.js', {foo: 'bar'});

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