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A cookbook for CloudFoundry's CloudController
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Installs and configures CloudFoundry CloudController



  • Ubuntu

Tested on:

  • Ubuntu 10.04


Requires Opscode's postgresql, mysql, database, and bluepill cookbooks. Also requires trotter's cloudfoundry-common cookbook.


  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['domain'] - The domain name for your CloudFoundry instance. Default is'.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['welcome'] - The welcome message that users will see when first connecting. Default is VMWare's Cloud Application Platform".
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['support_address'] - Where users should go to get support. Default is'.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['allow_registration'] - Set whether users can self register to your CloudFoundry Instance. Default is true.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['allow_external_app_uris'] - TODO (trotter): Find out what this does. Default is false.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['external_port'] - The external port on which the CloudController is accessible. This value normally won't matter, as a CloudFoundry router will front the CloudController and serve it at api.#{hostname}:80. Default is 9022.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['use_nginx'] - TODO (trotter): Find out what this means. Default is false.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['insecure_instance_port'] - TODO (trotter): Find out what this means. Default is 9025.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['log_level'] - Log level for the CloudFoundry application. Default is info'.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['log_file'] - TODO (trotter): Find out how this differes from rails_log_file. Default is #{node[:cloudfoundry_common][:log_dir]}/cloud_controller.log".
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['rails_log_file'] - TODO (trotter): Find out how this differs from log_file. Default is #{node[:cloudfoundry_common][:log_dir]}/cloud_controller-rails.log".
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['allow_debug'] - TODO (trotter): Find out what this means. Default is true.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['max_current_stagers'] - TODO (trotter): Find out what this means. Default is 10.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['max_staging_runtime'] - TODO (trotter): Find out what this means. Default is 120.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['staging_secure'] - TODO (trotter): Find out what this means. Default is false.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['admins'] - An array containing the email addresses of all server admins. Default is [''].
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['database']['name'] - The name of the database that CloudController will use. Default is cloud_controller'.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['database']['host'] - Hostname where CloudController's database is located. Default is localhost'.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['runtimes'] - An array of hashes containing the name and version for each runtime available in your CloudFoundry instance. XXX (trotter): Not sure we can store hashes in an attribute. Will have to test this part thoroughly. Default is [.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['frameworks'] - An array containing the name of each framework supported by your CloudFoundry instance. Due to a quirk in cloud_controller, you must have rails3 and sinatra listed as frameworks. Default is [.
  • cloudfoundry_cloud_controller['server']['pid_file'] - Where to store the pid_file for the CloudController. Default is File.join(node[:cloudfoundry_common][:pid_dir], "").


This cookbook contains two components, cloud_controller::server and cloud_controller::database. The default recipe runs both recipes.

cloud_controller::database is responsible for installing postgres and setting up a database with the proper permissions. To use it on a database node:

include_recipe "cloud_controller::database"

cloud_controller::server will install a CloudController on the target node along with the necessary configuration files and init scripts to run it. To use it within your recipes:

include_recipe "cloud_controller::server"

License and Author

Author:: Trotter Cashion (

Copyright:: 2012 Trotter Cashion

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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