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Spatula is a command line helper app for use with Chef. It currently lets you search and install cookbooks from It does not yet implement the full API, but that will be coming in future versions (as I need it). If you need it to support the full API right now, please make it do so and send me a pull request :-)

Spatula is really, really alpha. It does not handle errors at all, but it works pretty well given that you hand it the correct input. Please give it a try and pretty please fork it and make it better.


You can get spatula from gemcutter.

# Gemcutter:
# Follow the instructions on then...
gem install spatula


Spatula currently supports 6 commands: search, show, install, prepare, and cook.

$ spatula search apache2
apache2 Installs and configures all aspects of apache2 using Debian style symlinks with helper definitions
... more output ...

$ spatula show apache2
name:   apache2
category:       Web Servers
created_at:     2009-10-25T23:47:55Z
updated_at:     2009-10-25T23:47:55Z
maintainer:     jtimberman
description:    Installs and configures all aspects of apache2 using Debian style symlinks with helper definitions

$ spatula install apache2
... downloads the apache2 cookbook and installs it into $(pwd)/cookbooks ...
... also creates a $(pwd)/cookbook_tarballs dir to store the download ...

$ spatula prepare user@
... installs ruby, chef and dependencies on
... starts by adding your ssh public key to authorized_keys

$ spatula cook user@ <node>
... uploads all of the files in the current directory to /tmp/chef-solo/
... expects solo.rb and <node>.json to live in ./config


Official Repo


Trotter Cashion