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CreawsomeMod for Cura

This project reached End-of-Life and is now deprecated.

CreawsomeMod settings has been integrated to Cura since version 4.2.

xyzCalibration_cube.stl printed at 0.12mm layer height, 50mm/s Source File

sample cube

money_cat_fill.stl printed at 0.20mm layer height, 60mm/s Source File

benchmark ender

main screen

details screen


Material Settings

It is really important that you use the material profiles capabilities to duplicate Generic ones and adjust temperatures as well as retractation settings there for each of your spool !


materials settings

Known Issues

First of all, please check the Issues tab for open and closed issue. There aren't that much for now, you should easily figure out your situation. Bellow is a recap of most experienced issues and answer/solutions.


Probably the most challenging issue with FDM. Per default, CreasomeMod sets the Z-seam at the back of the model. This gives amazing overall looking and accuracy, but it may brings a non esthetic line on curved models. That's CreawsomeMod's Achilles' heel.

  1. Don't set the seam to be random as it will give overall worst result.
  2. Change Z-seam location for your model as shown in the picture above
  3. Fine tune your retract setting
  4. Enable and calibrate Linear Advance (incompatible with "silent" Creality boards using TMC2208)
  5. Use Cura coasting (incompatible with Linear Advance)

z-seam location tuning


If you encounter any nozzle clogging during retract, you probably have a small leak between the PTFE and nozzle ! Creality users, try this Original Creality hot end ptfe fix by Luke Hatfield, aka "OneBadMarine". This ensure to keep presure between the PTFE tube and nozzle to avoid any leak.

Missing print details

CreawsomeMod sets the line width to 125% per default for convenience in calculation and overral better looking. However some models aren't compatible with such setting. In case you lose details, or have some wall replaced with thin infill, try to reduce the line width to 0.45mm or 0.40mm.


For most of Creality printer, the extruder feedrate is limited to 25mm/s ! CreawsomeMod includes a start g-code to set it to 50mm/s using an M203 command and warns users when setting retraction above that value. Make sure to adjust start g-code if you need a retract speed above 50mm/s.

Tuning Guide

No matter of the printer, slicer, mod or not, I highly recommend this Guide to tune your printer. Most importants are extruder and flow calibration as well as properly tuning temperature for each of your spools !