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A spatial hash module for node.js
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A 2d spatial hash module for node.js.


Install using npm

$ npm install spatial

Or clone the git repo manually


Basic usage:

Require the library

var Spatial = require('spatial');

Create a new spatial hash with a grid size of 500

var grid = new Spatial(500);

The optimal grid size varies greatly depending on usage scenario. Object density, object size and the number of objects all affect the optimal grid size. A rule of thumb is that the grid should be big enough to fit the largest object in your scene.

Create an entity to put in the grid

var e = { id: 23, pos : { x : 100, y : 200}, size: 30};

Add it to the grid

 grid.addEntity(e, function() { console.log('Added entity to grid') });

Don't forget to recalculate the grid after each change to it


The entities close to a vector can be found by using the 'getClosest' method

 grid.getClosest({ x: 100, y: 200}, function(error, data) {});

Additional functionality

Gets the keys of the hash buckets within a certain radius from the supplied vector

 grid.getAreaKeys(vector, radius, callback(err, data))

Gets an array of entity ID's within a certain radius from the supplied vector

 grid.getAreaIds(vector, radius, callback(err,data))

Further documentation is provided in form of code comments and tests

Running tests

Expresso ( can be used to run the tests.

To install:

$ npm install expresso

To run tests:

$ expresso

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