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* @author Troxo Junior
* @copyright Troxo d.o.o.
* This file contains function for adding a new member to the Troxo team.
* Idea is for this function to evolve into a more complex module through iterative development process.
* This file is still under development
* If apropriate conditions are met, these function will add a new member to the $troxoTeam array and will return true.
* Othervise it will return false.
* @param array $troxoTeam, Candidate $you
* @return boolean
merge(array $troxoTeam, Candidate $you) {
$backendSkills = array (‘php’,’.net’);
// @TODO skills could be a separate parent class while specific skills could be classes that inherit it
// checkSkill method could be implemented and inherited
$frontendSkills = array (‘html’, ‘css’); //array instancing backward compatible
$fullStackSkills = array (‘javascript’);
$personalSkills = array (‘english language’,’hungry for knowledge’);
If (in_array(‘php’, $you.skills) or in_array(‘.net$you.skills)) {
$conditionOne = true;
If (array_intersect($frontendSkills, $you.skills) == $frontendSkills)) {
$conditionTwo = true;
//code duplication! These could be a separate function
If (array_intersect($fullStackSkills, $you.skills) == $frontendSkills)) {
$conditionThree = true;
/* IT seems there is a more efficient way to go through these conditions */
If ($conditionOne && $coditionTwo && $conditionThree) {
$troxoTeam[] = $you;
return true;
} else {
return false;
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