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PHP client library for interacting with a RETS server to pull real estate listings, photos and other data made available from an MLS system

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A simple, free, open source PHP library for using RETS.



PHRETS provides PHP developers a way to integrate RETS functionality directly within new or existing code. A standard class of functions is made available to developers to connect and interact with a server much like they would with other APIs.

PHRETS handles the following aspects of RETS communication for you:

  • Response parsing (for other non-XML responses such as HTTP multipart)
  • XML Parsing
  • Simple variables and arrays returned to the developer
  • RETS communication (over HTTP)
  • HTTP Header management
  • Authentication
  • Session/Cookie management


Install via Composer - Add troydavisson/phrets to your composer.json file, run composer update and you're set.
Manual Download - The source code for PHRETS is available on GitHub


PHRETS is maintained in a public Git repository on GitHub. Issue submissions and pull requests are encouraged if you run into issues or if you have fixes or changes to contribute.


View our GitHub Wiki for documentation, code snippets, examples, tips & tricks and more.

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