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Note: Much of the documentation in this wiki covers the older 1.x version. Please see this repository's README file for the new 2.x version documentation.

A simple, free, open source PHP library for using RETS.



PHRETS provides PHP developers a way to integrate RETS functionality directly within new or existing code. A standard class of functions is made available to developers to connect and interact with a server much like they would with other APIs.

PHRETS handles the following aspects of RETS communication for you:

  • Response parsing (for other non-XML responses such as HTTP multipart)
  • XML Parsing
  • Simple variables and arrays returned to the developer
  • RETS communication (over HTTP)
  • HTTP Header management
  • Authentication
  • Session/Cookie management


Get Help

The best place to ask for help is in our Google Group


Note: These examples may not work in all cases depending on the features supported (and correctly implemented) by the RETS server

Quick Connection Tests

Data Downloads


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