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" easytree.vim - simple tree file manager for vim
" Maintainer: Dmitry "troydm" Geurkov <>
" Version: 0.1
" Description: easytree.vim is a siple tree file manager
" Last Change: 1 October, 2012
" License: Vim License (see :help license)
" Website:
" See easytree.vim for help. This can be accessed by doing:
" :help easytree
if exists("b:current_syntax")
let s:save_cpo = &cpo
set cpo&vim
syntax match EasyTreeRoot /\%1l.*/
syntax match EasyTreeRootUp /\%2l.*/
syntax match EasyTreeDir /^\%>2l\s*[▸▾] .*$/
syntax match EasyTreeFile /^\%>2l\s*[^▸▾]*$/
highlight default link EasyTreeRoot Operator
highlight default link EasyTreeRootUp Title
highlight default link EasyTreeDir Identifier
highlight default link EasyTreeFile Normal
let b:current_syntax = "easytree"
let &cpo = s:save_cpo
unlet s:save_cpo
" vim: ts=8 sw=4 sts=4 et foldenable foldmethod=marker foldcolumn=1
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