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;;; myweb - simple web server written in Common Lisp
;;; web.lisp
;;; Author: Dmitry Geurkov <>
;;; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;;; it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;;; (at your option) any later version.
;;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
(in-package :myweb)
(defvar *listen-socket* nil)
(defvar *listen-thread* nil)
(defvar *request-mutex* (make-lock "request-mutex"))
(defvar *request-threads* (list))
(defvar *worker-mutex* (make-lock "worker-mutex"))
(defvar *workers* (list))
(defvar *worker-num* 0)
(defvar *idle-workers* (list))
(defvar *idle-workers-num* 0)
(defvar *request-queue* (list))
(defun start-http (host port &key (worker-limit 10) (idle-workers 1))
(if (not *listen-socket*)
(setq *listen-thread*
(make-thread (lambda () (http-acceptor host port worker-limit idle-workers))
:name "socket-acceptor"))
"http server already started"))
(defun http-acceptor (host port worker-limit idle-workers)
;; Start Listening on specified host and port
(setq *listen-socket* (socket-listen host port
:reuse-address t
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)
:backlog (* worker-limit 4)))
(let ((request-id 0)
(worker-id 0))
(loop while *listen-thread* do
(let* ((socket (socket-accept *listen-socket* :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(incf request-id)
(acquire-lock *worker-mutex*)
;; All workers busy, append request to queue
((>= *worker-num* worker-limit)
(push (cons request-id socket) *request-queue*))
;; If idle worker available
((> *idle-workers-num* 0)
;; Get worker from idle workers
(push (cons request-id socket) *request-queue*)
(condition-notify (caar *idle-workers*)))
;; Add new Worker
(t (incf worker-id)
(incf *worker-num*)
(setq *workers*
(lambda ()
(worker-thread request-id socket idle-workers))
:name (concatenate 'string
(prin1-to-string worker-id)))
(release-lock *worker-mutex*)
(defun worker-thread (request-id socket idle-workers)
;; Process request if it is not nil
(if request-id
(http-worker request-id socket))
(acquire-lock *worker-mutex*)
;; Process request from queue
(let ((request nil))
(setq request (car *request-queue*))
(setq *request-queue* (cdr *request-queue*))
(release-lock *worker-mutex*)
(worker-thread (car request) (cdr request) idle-workers)))
;; If not enough idle workers, make worker idle
((< *idle-workers-num* idle-workers)
(let ((condition (make-condition-variable))
(idle-lock (make-lock))
(request nil))
(push (cons condition (current-thread)) *idle-workers*)
(incf *idle-workers-num*)
(release-lock *worker-mutex*)
(with-lock-held (idle-lock)
(condition-wait condition idle-lock))
(with-lock-held (*worker-mutex*)
(setq *idle-workers* (cdr *idle-workers*))
(decf *idle-workers-num*)
(setq request (car *request-queue*))
(setq *request-queue* (cdr *request-queue*)))
(worker-thread (car request) (cdr request) idle-workers)))
;; else
(t (setq *workers* (remove (current-thread) *workers*))
(decf *worker-num*)
(release-lock *worker-mutex*))
(defun http-worker (request-id socket)
(let* ((stream (socket-stream socket))
(request (myweb.util:parse-request stream)))
(with-lock-held (*request-mutex*)
(push (cons request-id (current-thread)) *request-threads*))
(myweb.handler:process-request request stream)
(finish-output stream)
(socket-close socket)
(with-lock-held (*request-mutex*)
(setq *request-threads* (remove request-id *request-threads* :key 'car)))
(defun list-workers ()
(with-lock-held (*worker-mutex*)
(setq *workers*
(remove-if (lambda (w) (not (thread-alive-p w))) *workers*))
(setq *worker-num* (length *workers*))
(defun list-requests ()
(with-lock-held (*request-mutex*)
(setq *request-threads*
(remove-if (lambda (r) (not (thread-alive-p (cdr r)))) *request-threads*))
(defun stop-http ()
(if *listen-socket*
(progn (stop-thread)
(socket-close *listen-socket*)
(setq *listen-socket* nil)
(setq *request-queue* nil)
(setq *worker-num* 0)
(setq *workers* nil)
(mapcar (lambda (i) (destroy-thread (cdr i))) *idle-workers*)
(setq *idle-workers-num* 0)
(setq *idle-workers* nil)
(release-lock *worker-mutex*)
(setq *request-threads* nil)
(release-lock *request-mutex*)
(setq *request-mutex* (make-lock "request-mutex"))
(setq *worker-mutex* (make-lock "worker-mutex")))))
(defun stop-thread ()
(if (and *listen-thread* (thread-alive-p *listen-thread*))
(destroy-thread *listen-thread*)))
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