OpenVPN sh authentication script with simple user db
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OpenVPN sh authentication script with simple user db
for use withauth-user-pass-verify via-file option

It's a simple sh shell script that is target at consumer routers that dont't
have perl or any other scripting languages installed on them, 
but need a simple ovpn authentication


1) copy script to your server, 
make it executable (chmod +x) and make sure you can execute it

2) create a file named ovpnauth.conf and put it inside for example

3) for each user you want to register
	3a) compute md5 checksum using this md5 password
	3b) add line in your ovpnauth.conf that reads like this:
	    where [computed-md5-password] is md5 checksum you computed 

4) edit and make sure your conf path (path to ovpnauth.conf) is correct
	4a) (optional) you can change your logfile path

5) now in your openvpn.conf add this options
	script-security 2 
	auth-user-pass-verify via-file
   also you can replace with full path to your ovpnauth script

6) Enjoy sh shell based OpenVPN authentication
 	and don't forget to specify auth-user-pass option in 
	your openvpn client config