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shellasync.vim plugin for asynchronously executing shell commands in vim


shellasync.vim plugin allows you to asynchronously execute shell commands inside vim and see output inside a seperate window buffer without waiting for a command to finish. It also includes shell emulator so you can interactivly execute commands inside vim buffer. It uses python's subprocess and threading capabilities to execute shell commands in seperate thread and non-blockingly get the output as the command executes

Note: this plugin is highly experimental, so it might make your vim process unstable

Bonus: this plugin has simple terminal emulator that is sufficient for most terminal related tasks, start it using :ShellTerminal command. You can also start any programming language REPL in it and connect any vim buffer to directly send code from that buffer to REPL using :ShellSelect and :ShellSend commands.

Platform: only unix based operating systems are supported

Requirements: vim 7.3 with atleast 569 patchset included and compiled with python support




See :help shellasync