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sshc - ssh connection manager for command line users

licenesed under LGPLv3 terms (see LICENSE file)

written in Ruby by Dmitry Geurkov (

How to install?

Do this in command line:

sudo cp ./sshc /usr/local/bin
cp ./sshc.config.example ~/.sshc
chmod 0700 ~/.sshc

Then edit your ~/.sshc and add your connections

How to use?

Basicly it mimics ssh functionality so see man ssh for arguments:

sshc [ssh arguments] connection [command]

So for example if you've added connection named connection1 to your ~/.sshc

To connect to server execute:

sshc connection1

To connect to server using ssh v2 protocol and do not execute any command:

sshc -N -2 connection1

To connect to server and forward some ports:

sshc -L 8080:localhost:8080 connection1

To connect to server and execute command ls:

sshc connection ls

Also you can sftp to your connection:

sshc sftp [sftp arguments] connection[:path]

And scp files between your connections:

sshc scp [scp arguments] [from:]path [to:]path