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A boilerplate project for Phaser 3 + Typescript + Webpack.
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Phaser 3 Typescript Webpack Boilerplate

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You’ll need to install a few things before you have a working copy of the project.

1. Clone this repo:

Navigate into your workspace directory.


git clone

2. Install node.js and npm:

3. Install dependencies (optionally you could install yarn):

Navigate to the cloned repo’s directory.


npm install

or if you choose yarn, just run yarn

4. Run the development server:


npm run dev

This will run a server so you can run the game in a browser.

Open your browser and enter localhost:3000 into the address bar.

Also this will start a watch process, so you can change the source and the process will recompile and refresh the browser

Build for deployment:


npm run deploy

This will optimize and minimize the compiled bundle.


This work is based off of several existing repos:

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