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It's ANY tweet given you have tweet's ID!


(I LOVE that you used this, btw) I put it together based on some early Tweet fetching stuff I'd worked on ages ago, but that only worked via username. So I did that first (just to have something I could hook it all up to) and am now working on the ID input too.

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I fucking hate you.

This shit looks amazing.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12 03 20 AM

I can't even deal with how you come up with shit like this. Beautiful fucking app. I don't care if it doesn't conform to "Rails Core." Pay a developer for that. You, my friend, are well on your way to being the best.



Well I COMPLETELY disagree with you. But thanks just the same.

All I see when I look at that is its lack of error-handling and the fact that the links don't work (both of which I hope to fix). Also, what are the next steps with this thing?


Hey, I made some fancy updates (dual action: now if you put in a username, it will pull that user's latest tweet. Also, I used some ugly code to fix the photo sizing)

Man, this shit is hot! Here's what I'd add next:

  1. Error handling - if a tweet fetch 404s, redirect me to the index page with an error message.
  2. Don't allow duplicates - if you continually fetch by username, and that person hasn't tweeted, you'll continue to get the same tweet. Perhaps there's a way to index each tweet as unique by their content?
  3. While the major of the app logic is sound, let's consider some optimization ideas: Could your app handle 1 million POSTs to your sqlite DB? Subsequently, could we fetch those 1 million tweets effectively? Rails offers some quick ways to optimize the DB.
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