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GameJs is a thin library on top of the HTML canvas element. In addition to the drawing functions it has a set of generally helpful modules for game development.
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GameJs is a JavaScript library for writing 2D games or other interactive graphic applications for the HTML Canvas


Option 1: If you downloaded a release

Try the examples in the zip file over http://

Option 2: If you downloaded the git version

You will have to build GameJs. Go to the GameJs directory and execute this in a unix shell, cygwin or in git bash:

$ ./bin/

This should create a gamejs.min.js file in the GameJs home directory.

See the examples/skeleton/ directory for a minimal GameJs app. We recommend you also use this as the scaffolding if you want to create a new game yourself.

http:// vs file://

Note that you need to run the examples via http:// (not file://) unless you use Firefox or Safari. One trivial, cross-plattform solution to serve a directory via http is this executable:

Bundled applications don't have the http:// requirement - see below.

Bundle your application for production

A bundled game:

  • does not need to be served over http:// (unless it uses SurfaceArray)
  • has a smaller file size
  • has somewhat obfuscated code

To bundle all JavaScript files into one single file, use:

$./bin/ ./path-to-your-app/javascript/

You can also add a second argument compress. With compress, the resulting bundle file will be compressed for smaller file size as well as obfuscated. will create the bundled file app.min.js in your app's javascript folder.

To use the bundled file add a <script> tag loading it and remove all other <script>s.

More Help

See the GameJs Website for more help or drop us an email in the Mailing List.

Check the docs folder of your GameJs installation.

Example application can be found in the examples/ directory.

GameJs Contribution

Don't forget to ./bin/ when modifying the source.

All applications use a bundled JavaScript file which contains all the GameJs source files; thus if you modify the files below ./lib your changes won't show up in the examples unless you re-build the source files with the ./bin/ command.

Unit Tests

We use QUnit for the GameJs unit tests. Execute the tests by opening tests/index.html.


For the JavaScript documentation system, RingoJs must be installed on your system.

$ ./bin/
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