Uses speedtest-cli to get data and logger to output it in a Splunk-friendly format.
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Uses speedtest-cli to get connection speed data and logger to output it in a Splunk-friendly format.

Depends on having speedtest-cli installed here:


as well as having logger available here:


Produces output to syslog similar to what appears below when functional:

Feb 22 09:30:36 myhostname SPEEDTEST: ping="32.036" ping_units="ms" download="18.75" download_units="Mbit/s" upload="3.51" upload_units="Mbit/s" version="0.3.4"

and something similar to this when an error occurs:

Feb 19 20:30:04 myhostname SPEEDTEST: error="true" notdefined="st_ping,st_p_units,st_download,st_dl_units,st_upload,st_ul_units"

There are a few searches that can easily pull this data together in Splunk:

"SPEEDTEST:" | stats avg(download)
"SPEEDTEST:" | stats avg(upload)
"SPEEDTEST:" | stats avg(ping)
"SPEEDTEST:" | timechart span=6h avg(ping) AS AveragePing avg(download) AS AverageDownload avg(upload) AS AverageUpload