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A Concourse CI resource for manipulating debs in Artifactory
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Concourse Artifactory Debian Package Resource

A Concourse CI resource for manipulating debs in Artifactory.

This resource is specific to debs hosted on Artifactory due to Artifactory's non-standard publication mechanism, which is uploading deb archives via HTTP/S PUT.

Source Configuration

  • repository: Required. The URL at which the Debian repository in Artifactory can be located. Example:
  • username: Required. The username with which to access the repository.
  • password: Required. The password with which to access the repository.
  • distribution: Required. The target distribution name of the deb package being manipulated. This is the value of the deb.distribution property when puting to Artifactory. Example: bionic.
  • package: Required. The name of the deb package being manipulated.
  • apt_keys: Optional. A list of URLs at which GPG keys can be fetched and configured with apt-key add.
  • architecture: Optional. Default: amd64. The target architecture of the deb package. Also the value of the deb.architecture property when puting to Artifactory.
  • trusted: Optional. A boolean indicating if the /etc/apt/sources.list entry generated from these configuration values will be annotated with [trusted=yes].
  • components_dir: Optional. Default: pool. The name of the root directory of the repository in which package components can be located.
  • other_sources: Optional. A list of /etc/apt/source.list entries to include. Useful for when the deb package stored in Artifactory has upstream dependencies. Example: - deb bionic main restricted
  • component: Optional. Default: main. The component field in the generated /etc/apt/sources.list entry, as well as the value of the deb.component property when puting to Artifactory.
  • version_pattern: Optional. Instructs check to only observe versions of the configured package matching this regular expression.


- name: deb-package
  type: docker-image
    repository: troykinsella/concourse-artifactory-deb-resource
    tag: latest

- name: deb
  type: deb-package
    username: concourse
    password: naughty
    distribution: bionic
    trusted: true
    package: libwicked
    - deb bionic main restricted


check: Check for New Versions

Firstly, an /etc/apt/sources.list entry is generated from source configuration values following this template:

deb <trusted_flag> <repository> <distribution> <component>

Then following an apt-get update, the apt cache is queried for version information pertaining to the configured deb package.

in: Fetch deb Information and Archives

The apt cache is updated in the same manner as the check operation, then queried for information pertaining to the version of the deb package being fetched.

Output Files

Optionally, deb archives are downloaded and made available at /<archive-file>.

An /info file is created containing the output of apt-cache show <package>=<version>. For convenience, each field is extracted from this file and put in a file /<field-name>. For example, if a field from /info was Installed-Size: 1982, a file called /installed-size would be created, containing 1982.

Typical info files generated may be:

  • architecture
  • depends
  • description
  • description-md5
  • filename
  • homepage
  • info
  • installed-size
  • maintainer
  • package
  • priority
  • section
  • sha1
  • sha256
  • size
  • suggests
  • version


  • fetch_archives: Optional. Default: false. A boolean indicating whether or not deb package archives should be downloaded.


# Extends example in Source Configuration

- name: test-deb
  - get: deb
    trigger: true
      fetch_archives: true
  - task: integration test
    file: tasks/integration-test.yml
      archives: deb

out: Publish debs to Artifactory

Since building debs is a pretty customized process, this resource doesn't attempt to actually build deb files; It just accepts ones that you've built in a task script (for example), and publishes them to Artifactory.

One of the deb archive files passed to the put step must be the package represented by the source configuration, and it's from that package that the version is extracted and returned from the this resource's out script. All deb archive files supplied will be published to Artifactory. This, for example, allows your build to produce yourpackage-<version>.deb and yourpackage-dev-<version>.deb, and publish both in one step.


  • debs: Required. The path to a directory containing *.deb files to publish.
  • deb_pattern: Optional. A regular expression that matches the main deb package file (the same one represented in the source configuration), from which the version to publish is extracted. Default: ^${package}[_-].*\.deb, where ${package} is the source.package field.


# Extends example in Source Configuration

- name: 
  - get: master # git resource
    trigger: true
  - task: build debs
    file: tasks/build-debs.yml
      source: master
      archives: built-debs
  - put: deb
      debs: built-debs 


MIT © Troy Kinsella

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