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A Concourse resource for manipulating fly
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Concourse Fly Resource

A Concourse resource for manipulating fly.

Note: This resource does not yet support Concourse 4+

Resource Type Configuration

- name: fly
  type: docker-image
    repository: troykinsella/concourse-fly-resource
    tag: latest

Source Configuration

Currently only HTTP basic authentication is supported.

  • url: Required. The base URL of the concourse instance to contact. (i.e.
  • username: Required. The concourse basic auth username.
  • password: Required. The concourse basic auth password.
  • target: Optional. The name of the target concourse instance. Default: "main".
  • team: Optional. The concourse team to login to. Default: "main".
  • insecure: Optional. Set to true to skip TLS verification.
  • debug: Optional. Set to true to print commands for troubleshooting, including credentials.
  • secure_output: Optional. Set to true to suppress output from fly.
  • multiline_lines: Optional. Set to true to interpret \ as one line (mostly for big options line).


- name: fly
  type: fly
    url: {{concourse_url}}
    username: {{concourse_username}}
    password: {{concourse_password}}
    team: main


check: No-Op

in: No-Op

Future: Import fly command output

out: Execute fly Command

Execute the given fly command along with given options. The fly client is downloaded from the target Concourse instance if not already present or if there is a version mismatch between fly and Concourse. When multiple lines are present in the provided options, fly is executed separately for each line.


  • options: Optional. The options to pass to fly.
  • options_file: Optional. A file containing options to pass to fly.

Parameters are passed through to the fly command as follows:

fly -t main $options

main is the name of the target Concourse instance.


MIT © Troy Kinsella

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