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Study Sheets
Free study sheets to help you prepare for certification exams by breaking down the blueprints
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forked from Chris Wahl's Study Sheets

If you’re studying for an advanced level certification, it can be daunting to try and keep up with all of the content in the official blueprints to determine where your stronger and weaker points of knowledge lay. The following study sheets are a freely available resource designed to help you track progress as you work towards your certification goal.

VMware Certification Study Sheets

VCAP6-DCV: Deployment

[![VCAP6-DCV Deployment][VCAP6-DCV Deployment study sheet screenshot]][VCAP6-DCV Deployment study sheet]{: .align-center} [VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.0 - Data Center Virtualization: Deployment (blueprint 3V0-623) study sheet][VCAP6-DCV Deployment study sheet]{: .text-center}


Each study sheet is broken down by section and objective. Next to each objective are four boxes:

  1. Read – The objective has been researched and related material has been read over.
  2. Lab – The goal of the objective has been reproduced in a lab environment.
  3. CLI – Used to denote when an objective has been completed or researched for the CLI command, when applicable.
  4. GUI – Used to denote when an objective has been completed or researched for the GUI, when applicable.

Getting Started Video

{% include video id='rGCCrGBDMyU' provider='youtube' %}{: .align-center}

Chris Wahl has created a brief video that demonstrates the Study Sheet in a bit more detail. As always, please make sure to let him know if the video was helpful with a like or share, and support his video efforts with your [subscription][Wahl Network YouTube subscription].

[VCAP6-DCV Deployment study sheet screenshot]: {{ '/assets/images/VCAP6-DCV_Deployment_3V0-623_Study_Sheet.png' | relative_url }} [VCAP6-DCV Deployment study sheet]: [Wahl Network YouTube subscription]: