Provides version introspection for Leiningen-generated projects
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A clojure library for accessing version information for Leiningen-built jars.

Say you have a command-line Clojure app, and you want to display to the user what version of your app they're using. No problem, if you're using Leiningen to build your app's jar.

Add this to your project.clj:

[trptcolin/versioneer "0.2.0"]

Then, in your code, do something like this, where GROUP-ID and ARTIFACT-ID are the usual Leiningen/Maven identifiers for your project.

user=> (require '[trptcolin.versioneer.core :as version])
user=> (version/get-version "GROUP-ID" "ARTIFACT-ID")


Many thanks to Michiel Borkent for the initial implementation as part of REPL-y, and also to Phil Hagelberg for lighting the way.


Copyright © 2015 Colin Jones

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.