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Proem - A small, simple, fast MVC framework for PHP.

While the framework in it's current state is still only very much a pre-alpha piece of software, it's become apparent to me that without any documentation it's going to be pretty difficult to get other developers interested in helping out. With that in mind, I have decided to get a head start with some docs.

This wiki is designed to document both existing features, as well as planned features that are yet to be implemented. Where possible features that are not yet implemented will be explained in a way that will hopefully allow a developer to understand the concepts and be able to easily contribute to getting that feature implemented. These features will be linked directly to a ticket within our issue tracker, use this to ask questions or make comments on the idea.

To be honest, writing documentation at this point in time is probably a good idea. It will allow me to think about some of the design in a different light to how I would when I'm actually programming. I am already aware of several pieces of the framework that are currently problematic. getting feedback on these areas would be awesome, but simply writing about them might also enable me to think about them from a different angle.

Having said all that though, I'm not much of a writer. This documentation is likely to switch from being in the first person to the third person and everywhere in between. I just want to get this out there however, and it can always be improved upon later.

  • [A high level overview](wiki/A High Level Overview)