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This simple todo within my vimwiki needs to be moved to the github proem wiki. I'll do this tonight. I would love a place to work on this documentation on/offline. Stop documenting within code.

    • The Url object needs to be refined.**

The dispatch process still needs cleaning. I need to find a flexible method of recursively iterating through various 'inject' staratigies.

Getting very close to time to start working on implementing an AbstractController, very exciting.

The Url object could still use with some validation.

Create a script to bump the version number.

    • Im not merging naything into master until the controllers are in place.**
It's still only a tiny framework we are working on here, this, including all comments:

     191 lib//Proem/Application.php
     113 lib//Proem/Chain/AbstractChain.php
      74 lib//Proem/Chain/Event/AbstractEvent.php
      53 lib//Proem/Chain.php
     158 lib//Proem/Dispatcher/Command.php
     129 lib//Proem/Dispatcher/Route/AbstractRoute.php
      74 lib//Proem/Dispatcher/Route/Fixed.php
     135 lib//Proem/Dispatcher/Route/Map.php
      69 lib//Proem/Dispatcher/Route/Standard.php
      98 lib//Proem/Dispatcher/Router.php
     175 lib//Proem/Dispatcher.php
      45 lib//Proem/Exception.php
     198 lib//Proem/IO/Request.php
      95 lib//Proem/IO/Response.php
     388 lib//Proem/IO/Url.php
     114 lib//Proem/Loader.php
      52 lib//Proem/Proem.php
    2161 total