The classic game of hangman written completely in Python. The hangman game randomly chooses a word, count its letters, and presents a list of “_” characters equal to that number. The player guesses a letter which the game checks. If it’s correct it replaces the “_” character with the letter and continues. If it is in-correct it “draws” the hangm…
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#####Contributors: Trevor Rapp, David Wise, Bob Ziroll



This is a simple game of hangman done completely in Python. The program asks if the user wants to have the rules explained or if they want to play. When it comes time to play the program chooses a random word from a list of words. The program then displays the number of spaces in the word and the player is left to guess a letter. The program checks the letter guessed and filters out case issues or non alphabetic characters and returns an error message if there is one. If the input is valid, then the program checks if and where the character is contained in the word and displays which empty space is now filled in. If the guess is incorrect the computer chooses from a list of disparaging remarks to taunt the player and displays how much of the person is "drawn." The player wins if all letters are guessed correctly in under 5 guesses.

###This project demonstrates the following:

  • Correct use of functions, conditionals, loops, arrays.
  • Properly sequence Python statements.
  • Select a random word from a dictionary of words.
  • Display all guesses on the user's screen so the user knows what letters he/she has already guessed.
  • Display a visual indication for each letter in the word.
  • Display the number of turns remaining.
  • Decrement the number of turns remaining.
  • Display letters guessed in the position that they are contained in the word.

###More Information:

*For more information see my [Portfolio] (), Webpage,LinkedIn, Blog, or return to my Github