The classic game of hangman written completely in Python. The hangman game randomly chooses a word, count its letters, and presents a list of “_” characters equal to that number. The player guesses a letter which the game checks. If it’s correct it replaces the “_” character with the letter and continues. If it is in-correct it “draws” the hangm…
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Code Pink


#####Contributors: Trevor Rapp, David Wise, Bob Ziroll



This is version 2.0 of an earlier Project. It evolved from the "hang_man" also listed in my GitHub account. We simply took it and made it more object-oriented.

###Original project demonstrated the following: ---
  • Correct use of functions, conditionals, loops, arrays.
  • Properly sequence Python statements.
  • Select a random word from a dictionary of words.
  • Display all guesses on the user's screen so the user knows what letters he/she has already guessed.
  • Display a visual indication for each letter in the word.
  • Display the number of turns remaining.
  • Decrement the number of turns remaining.
  • Display letters guessed in the position that they are contained in the word.

###This project adds additional use of: ---
  • Object Oriented Programming techniques.
  • Classes and Inheritance.

###More Information:

*For more information see my [Portfolio] (), Webpage,LinkedIn, Blog, or return to my Github