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ChangeLog / ReleaseNotes




  • Introducing Salt newtype wrapper to guarantee that it consists of only characters that can be used in htpasswd entry.
  • Algorithm implementation details and helper functions were all moved to Data.Digest.ApacheMD5.Internal module to make it explicit that they aren't part of stable API.
  • Exposing Data.Digest.ApacheMD5.Internal module so that library authors still have the ability to get the most out of this package.
  • Updated, example.hs, tests and benchmarks.
  • Uploaded to Hackage:


Release date: 2013-07-27 10:38 +0200

  • Minor release with mostly documentation updates.
  • Introducing example.hs that creates htpasswd like entry and prints it to stdout. (new)
  • Updated with reference to Hackage and example mentioned above.
  • Introducing this ChangeLog / ReleaseNotes file. (new)
  • Clean up of benchmark dependencies.
  • Uploaded to Hackage:


Release date: 2013-07-26 20:29 +0200

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