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Some default plugins used in example are missing (showblocks, flash, select all, save, find/replace, justify), i have to add them manually in /web folder and config.yml, is it normal ? They correctly worked in previous version.


The default templates plugin also appears to be missing... I have downloaded it from an original package of CKEditor and copied the ./plugins/templates directory to ./web/js/ckeditor/plugins/templates and set the following in ./app/config/config.yml amongst other things:

  toolbar: ['document']
    document: ['Source','-','Templates']
      path: js/ckeditor/plugins/templates

However when loading the page, I'm getting the following JavaScript errors in the console:

GET http://foo.dev/js/ckeditor/plugins/templates/plugin.js?t=D08E 404 (Not Found)
Uncaught [CKEDITOR.resourceManager.load] Resource name "templates" was not found at "/js/ckeditor/plugins/templates/plugin.js?t=D08E".

Which is fair, as there isn't a plugin.js file within the templates plugin directory. Am I missing a step towards getting this plugin working?


I've created a pull request #47 which should contain the missing plugins.


This should be fixed with 84454f5 now

@trsteel88 trsteel88 closed this Mar 27, 2013
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