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as with Grid an fwtype parameter will format the form with Bootstrap.
based on [Forms](
+## Using BeanDisplay
+Add fwtype parameter to the BeanDisplay. If the value is null the BeanDisplat looks as before.
+Use values "dl" or "dl-horizontal" to apply mixin.
+Any other CSS classes can be additionally specified here, i.e., bootstrap "well".
+## Using Alerts
+Add fwtype parameter to the Alerts. If the value is null the Alerts looks as before.
+Value fwtype="alert" changes look and feel according to [bootstrap alerts](
+Until [TAP5-1996]( fixed Tap5 alerts will use this mapping:
+Tap5 'info' -> 'alert-success'
+Tap5 'warn' -> 'alert'
+Tap5 'error' -> 'alert-error'
## Customizing Bootstrap:
There are two Tapestry configurations that allow you to customize Bootstrap. First the EnvironmentSetup.class defines
a set of mapped objects that set defaults for most of the components/mixins. For example the following sets the default

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