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Tapestry module for Twitter Bootstrap
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# Tapestry 5.4 Twitter Bootstrap Module

List Of Contributors

  • Barry Books as trsvax


Bootstrap is a grid based CSS framework started by Twitter. Tapestry is a Java based web framework.


  • Extensive configuration via the environment

Basic operation

Bootstrap Components:

  • Pagination

    • Creates a Bootstrap Pagination Component
  • Row

    • Creates a Bootstrap row
  • Span

    • Creates a Bootstrap span

-- Thumbnails -- Container for Bootstrap Thumbnail Gallery

Bootstap Mixins

  • BootstrapFrom

    • Adapts for output to the various styles of Bootstrap forms. Just add a class name such as form-inline
  • PagedLoopMixin

    • Allows the existing Tapeestry Loop component to handle paging.
  • Popover

    • Add Bootstrap Popover behavior to an element
  • Tooltip

    • Add Bootstrap Tooltip behavior to an element

Using Bootstrap:

Just include the jar file to your project

Creating a gallery

  • ${user.firstname}

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