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v1.0.0 - 11/12/12
-Fixed error if the user's PATH variable had a
quotation mark in it.
v1.0.0 - 11/12/12
__ _.._
/--' '-._.' '-._./ FRESH HOT BACON IS ALL I
/__.--._.--._.'``-.__/ SEE
-Made EVERYTHING compatible with recovery mode!!!
(This does not include the recovery menu sadly)
-Made 4eXT the "standard" recovery!!!
-****COMING SOON****: Redid the entire recovery
menu, now has many
functions like backup, restore, and install.
-Detects if su binary is or non-existent and gets
-Gets android version for menu
-Phone not connected and waiting for recovery
prompts no longer flicker
-Redid unrooter screen
-Many text edits in rooter
-Removed exit options from menus, simply hit enter
on the main menu to exit
-Auto detects correct push of Stock RUU in unrooter
-No "error: device not found" if the phone is not
connected on tool startup
-No "error: device not found" on some "Waiting for
-The word enter is no longer capatilized.
-Gets zip.exe and A .bat that packages the logs in
a folder
-Added stability to make sure files are not corrupt
-Cleaned up the code a lot with FOR /F
-Many edits to menus
-An erroneous key input in a menu no longer crashes
the tool
-Startup is cleaner
-Now sets PATH to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 at startup to
avoid any "'XX' is not recognized as an internal
or external command, operable program or batch
file." errors. But I run SETLOCAL so I don't mess
with the user's real path settings
-Can now detect a phone in fastboot but has no
major functionality as of yet
-Now starts revolutionary website in default
browser (Fixes not found error IE is disabled)
-Opens BusyBox app by Stephen (Stericson)
(pname:stericson.busybox) rather than manually
installing busybox
-Checks for leaked ICS radios and if they are found
downgrades user to older ones
-Waits for a full boot if the phone is in the boot
-Fixed bug where some redirects to %log% would wipe
out the entire log
-Reset tool option in extras menu
v0.1b4 - 6/13/12 (?)
-Misc fixes
v0.1b3 - 6/9/12
-Fixed where the compatibility with recovery mode
makes the logs ugly
-Forwards compatibility using the SED binaries
-Small text edit in the rooter
-Fixed a small logging error
-Edited OTA.bat (Using SED)
OTA Update @ 10:12 PM EST
-Fixed fetch. (Thanks, daz of Thunderbolt
OTA Updates from approx. 11 PM - 1:09 AM EST
-Fixed rooter. There should be no other issues with
v0.1b2 - 6/9/12
-Now works in recovery mode.
-Shows bootmode on main menu.
-Grammatical correction in about.
-No odd text while flashing CWM and TWRP.
v0.1b1 - 6/9/12
-Initial Release.