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This is my repository for all of my configuration files that I use across machines. It checks for updates and can be used to bootstrap a new system quickly. Files and folders starting with # will be renamed to start with a ., i.e. #file will become ~/.file.



git clone ~/.dotfiles

Read/Write (for me):

git clone ~/.dotfiles

Pulling Updates

Once ~/.dotfiles/ is being sourced by ~/.zshrc you can just run dfup to manually update. It will also automatically update once a week.

Pushing Updates

dfup now syncs back with github. It's usually better to do it by hand, but it will remind you if you have unsyned changes.

Adding Submodules

To add submodules run:

cd ~/.dotfiles
git submodule add where/you/want/the/submodule

Of course, remember to add/commit your changes when you're ready :)