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@chriskrycho chriskrycho released this May 18, 2018 · 129 commits to master since this release


  • value and error properties are now public readonly instead of private. This lets the user get them directly rather than requiring a function call, once they have properly narrowed the type.
  • Just.unwrap, Ok.unwrap, and Err.unwrapErr static methods now exist to for nicer functional pipelines




  • Make variant a readonly property, and properly narrow its type on the classes so comparison with it can be used to distinguish the variants directly. (Note that this could be construed as breaking, but it was a necessary invariant for the library to function at all; this is a type-system-level bugfix.)
  • Internally: directly use value or error wherever we were previously doing the extra function call, since the method context is the most common invocation. (The net of this is that the performance should be slightly better and using it should be slightly more idiomatic JS in the ordinary case.)


Just update the package!

$ yarn install true-myth@2.0.0
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