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README.md README: OpenMesh -> Open Mesh Feb 13, 2017


Open Mesh OM5P-AC v2 Unlocker

Here’s our current build status: CircleCI

You can read more about the background of this project in our Free Your Router, Again! blog post.

We've spent some time to document everything properly and in detail on the project's Wiki.

How to use it quickly?

  1. Setup a static IP on your PC network card.
  2. Configure and start any TFTP (not FTP!) server with option negotiation mechanism enabled.
  3. Download and place inside TFTP server directory two files: fwupgrade.cfg and fwupgrade.cfg.sig.
  4. Connect, using a LAN cable, OM5P-AC v2 with your PC. Use RJ45 socket near the DC jack only (labeled as 18-24v POE).
  5. Power up OM5P-AC v2 and observe its LEDs.
  6. During files download, which should not take more than 2 minutes, second blue LED will blink.
  7. At the end, if everything goes well, the green LED will start blinking (1 Hz), otherwise the red one will.
  8. If nothing happens at all, check your TFTP server configuration, firewall on PC, etc. Let us know if you see that the device downloads both exploit files from the server, but nothing happens after that or router simply reboots.

After successful unlock (blinking green LED), you can power down device. Inside the TFTP server directory you will find a backup of ART (Atheros Radio Test) data partition, named om5p-ac-v2__MAC_backup.bin. From this point, your OM5P-AC v2 will accept any alternative firmware.