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Open Mesh OM5P-AC v2 U-Boot unlocker


Unlocking your router is a risky procedure. If you make a mistake and brick your router, it might take some time and resources to recover it. It's doable, but some soldering skills might be needed. First of all you should always try to backup content of the FLASH and try to unlock your router afterwards. You're doing it at your own risk, you take the full responsibility for any action you choose to take to unlock your router. We cannot be held liable for any damage you do to your device, other devices or your person.

You do this at your own risk!

This project would like to help you with unlocking of Open Mesh OM5P-AC v2 Dual Band 802.11ac access points. This device is locked down intentionally by Open Mesh to prevent loading of custom firmware versions.

You can read more about the background of this project on our blog.

Unlocking How-To

First of all, you should backup content of the FLASH and then try the methods described bellow.

If something doesn't work as expected for any reasons, then it would be nice if you can share your findings with us and create new issue so we can find out why it's not working in your case and try to fix it. It's very likely, that someone else is going to have the similar issue.

1. Easy method using SSH for OM5P-AC and MR1750

This unlocking process has been tested on Open Mesh OM5P-AC-v2 and MR1750 devices and might work till Open Mesh makes changes in their system to prevent this.

2. Unlocking using U-Boot exploit for OM5P-AC v2 only

If previous process didn't work for you, then you should probably move on and read detailed description of complete unlocking process and try it.

Please note that the process which is using the U-Boot exploit was designed only for OM5P-AC v2 device and doesn't work on any other Open Mesh devices, like for example on the MR1750.

Exploit details

We've documented all the details about the U-Boot exploit used for the actual unlocking of the OM5P-AC v2 devices.


Although we've tried to do everything possible to iron out all possible bugs, it's just a software and it still might contain some bugs and unhandled corner cases. Feel free to create new issue with detailed description of your problem and we'll try to help. Please don't try to email us and ask for the support. We don't answer such emails.

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