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Arch Linux ARM Release Changelog
=== 2011.06 ===
The first official Arch Linux ARM release
First official armv7 release, alongside armv5te.
Linux kernel
=== 2011.02 ===
Record number of packages, virtually all of which are directly from Arch Linux, with the exception of core packages
Linux kernel 2.6.37 with gzipped modules for a smaller size
All the latest updates, fixes, and features
One kernel for all devices, with working LEDs
NTFS support out-of-the-box with ntfs-3g pre-installed and ready to use
Coming soon: PlugUI, an easy-to-use web interface for your plug computer
=== 1.1 ===
First release to be "autobuilt" for faster turnaround time
Includes latest packages and less customization/hacks
Kernel is now included in the default download and is upgraded much more easily
USB drives and SD cards are now automounted to /media by their labels
=== 1.0.1 ===
Glibc and tzdata should no longer conflict
Packages upgraded and modified to be more "vanilla"
=== 1.0 ===
Languages fixed (LC_* and other cosmetic errors fixed)
Compatible with TonidoPlug via USB boot
Compatible with Pogoplug
Fixed compiling issues
SSH is allowed by default in hosts.allow
Confirmed that networking works on DHCP networks
=== 0.07 ===
Reverted to a working fstab, boots well
Mounting SD cards tested, works: "mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /media/mmc"
Can boot off an SD card (thanks IanJB)
=== 0.06 ===
Modified fstab to attempt a fixed boot
=== 0.05 ===
Makepkg now configured to make ARMv5TE binaries by default
Logins from the serial console allowed
Kernel headers from With-Linux can be installed by "pacman -Sy kernel-headers"
Dialog and some other packages updated
New /media/mmc directory so you can mount SD cards
=== 0.01-0.04 ===
Preliminary development builds which were disastrous