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Meetup number 6

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Data Modeling in Node.js (

Tonights Logistics

  • 7:00 Event Starts with Half Hour Beer + Pizza + Chinese Food Networking
  • 7:30 Speakers
  • 9:00 Wrap up
  • 9:15 Finish Cleanup and exit (Can a couple of folks hang out and help throw away trash)



  1. Food/Drink Social
  2. Intro
  3. Announcements
  4. David J. Kordsmeier ( - 5 Minute Update : Project jumbosocket, a boilerplate for basic node.js + + Amazon AWS SimpleDB Cloud Storage for web apps (see project: )
  5. Brief intro to UBER, our sponsor for tonight (Ryan or Curtis) 5 minutes
  6. @mranney ( presents Node.js + Redis (Confirmed)
  7. @mikeal ( presents Node.js + CouchDB (arrived)
  8. Brain N ( ) presents Mongoose (Confirmed, content is TBD)
  9. @rauchg (Learnboost)- Mongoose Package (Confirmed)
  10. Chad Eubanks ( - presents SproutCore (Confirmed)
  11. Open Mic - Substack - TBD ... what will he think of next

Things to Checkout

Questions for our Presenters

  1. How does the repo guarantee integrity of data it stores in memory?
  2. What system does your repo provide (REST, Binary, other) for direct access to the repo from client side scripts?
  3. Does your repo/ORM provide any schema for data I/0?
  4. What mechanism does your repo/ORM provide for managing high volumes of reads and writes?
  5. How well does your repo/orm work when the store becomes immense?
  6. Does your repo/orm allow fast reads during heavy write activity or vice versa? (cont)
  7. What kinds of functionality does your repo/orm have for complex queries, selective field retrieval, and cross-reference records (join like behavior) 8) Does the performance profile of your repo lend itself particularly well to specific usage patterns and applications?

Community Announcements

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