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This is a bunch of initial config. This will include a set of configs to be applied in the BSP.

Pacman Package Manifest

  • nodejs
  • openssl
  • make
  • gcc
  • sysstat (we just use sar)
  • python2 (? - TBD)
  • python2-distribute
  • python2-pyopenssl
  • jdk (? TBD)
  • git (for testing ... will consider leaving this in)

pacman -S openssl gcc nodejs make

NPM Modules:


  • -> /root/spdist/dhcpd-pool-0.2/

General Config

  • Standard root password: root // XXX CHANGE ME
  • .bashrc in /root is used
  • set default root PATH to include ~/root/bin

Open Ports

  • 80 (SMILE and JS.js) - We really need to put all of this behind a reverse proxy
  • 8008 (TTY.js)
  • 8085 (forever-webui)
  • 9023 (NIDE)
  • 9080 (plugmin WS/Web UI)
  • 5000 (epochedu)

Python Modules:

Additional Software:

I've also added for testing:

  • iperf
  • ntop
  • afps-fs (may consider adding this to above list)

Some manual commands to run in the configuration of a new BSP based on arch:

# This generates the /usr/lib/ufw/user.conf commands used to store the rules
ufw allow from
ufw allow from