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Dropbox Gif Linker

Designed to make working with your Dropbox gifs easier when wanting to share them.

Dropbox Integration

First, you need to create a new Dropbox app, using the Dropbox API (not the business option), with Full Dropbox access. Once you have that setup, you will need to click the Generate button beneath the Generate Access Token header of the OAuth2 section. This is the token that will be used for interacting with your Dropbox account.


In your home directory, make sure to create .dgl.json file, and fill in the details:

	"dropbox_path" : "~/Dropbox",
	"dropbox_gif_dir" : "gifs/",
	"dropbox_api_token" : "YOUR_API_TOKEN"

⚠️ The program will not load if you do not have this file setup correctly. All details are required.


Download the respective binary for your system, open a terminal, and execute it.

Then use a file manager to drag-and-drop a gif from your designated DropBox folder onto it, and press enter.

If everthing goes well, you'll have a handy-dandy, publicly-shareable URL on your clipboard.

Prefer some markdown? Just type in md and press enter. To get back, just type in url.

Done with it? exit and quit are your friends 💖

Other useful commands:

  • config
  • count
  • version

Lost? Need help? Try help!


Need the current version?

$ dropbox-gif-linker version
dropbox-gif-linker version 1.51 darwin/amd64

Would you prefer to start in markdown mode?

$ dropbox-gif-linker md

Need to force it to start in url mode?

$ dropbox-gif-linker url

Need to force it to start in bbcode mode?

$ dropbox-gif-linker bbcode

listener example



Building the binaries?