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CouchDB based logfile analysis
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Apache log file analysis using CouchDB

This is my little spare time project on log file analysis using couchdb.

Currently, analysis is restricted to loading the parts of a log file entry into a CouchDB Database. All views only operate on the simple facts of the extracted data.

Now that I have successfully wrapped my mind around the concept of CouchApps I am going to dig deeper into ways for more dynamic analysis. Currently I try to figure a way for dynamically combining existing views...


Finally I managed to get my head around the CouchApp thing. The logHouse directory contains a CouchApp doing all the analysis as the django app, plus three more now.

The loader script has been extended to extract things like browser, os and bot which are now added instead of the full agent string. These three are now visible in the app.


Note: the development of the django app has been abandoned for the time being. New stuff wil be in the CouchApp. The django app has been moved to django-log-house .

A first, very rough django application is in the log_house directory. Installing is as easy as creating a symbolic link in your project directory. The actual database name is configured in the log_house/ module.


A separate script ( loader ) is responsible for loading and extracting the data. If you want to use a different database name, change the last line.


Besides the obvious CouchDB you will need to install couchdbkit and httpagentparser. These should be downloaded automatically when installing the script via .


  1. move or copy parts of the configuration from the application's to the projects

  2. break up the loader and make the extraction of information more modular

  3. use httpagentparser to extract more information from the user agent

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